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 Barnhart Q5 Ranch

Hiking & Biking

Whether you prefer hiking, road or mountain biking, the Q5 Ranch is a fantastic home base. Over 18 miles of trails around the ranch provide hours or even days of hiking, biking and wildlife watching.
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Future Naturists on a Hike
Deer, turkey, bobcat, coyote, or an occasional hog can often be spotted with only the birds to break the silence. The old cemetery with its overgrown vines, rusting iron fences and headstones memorializing those who have gone before, makes a contemplative destination. Once as I was standing before an old broken headstone, a great horned owl silently swooped over me like a spirit. The many ponds hidden by brush and trees provide shady oases. Bring your fishing gear to catch one of our stocked bass or catfish. The oaks circle to create cool picnic abodes. Some visitors even venture to cool off in our tank fed by well water pumped through solar energy.

Solar Powered Well & Trough - NE Pasture

Trough and Solar Station

The rolling and untrafficked rural roads around the ranch provide days of enjoyment of South Texas beauty and fun destination rides too. Ride the quiet 8.2 miles for authentic Mexican food at the uniquely South Texas Moya's Restaurant, known to few outside of Berclair, Texas - a very special treat. Nearby is the Berclair Mansion and Art Museum open weekends for art viewing and Friday and Saturday evenings for gourmet dining. For those more ambitious, the ride to Goliad is a 26 mile trip - you could ride all but 6 miles with only 1 or 2 car sightings, but lovely historical homes and views. Although the last 6 miles is on heavily trafficked 59, at least it has wide shoulders that keep you out of traffic's way. The Mission, Presidio, riverwalk, great shopping and charm are well worth the effort. For more information, please visit the website of the Goliad County Chamber of Commerce.

We have 2 - 3 mountain bikes that are available for your use.

Horseback Riding

We can board your horse(s) at our stables for an extra $25 per night while you stay at our guesthouse and wander over 18 miles of riding trails on the Barnhart Q5 Ranch. Watering holes and grass are abundant.

Barnhart Ranch & Nature Retreat
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