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Deer, bobcat and coyote abound. Wild hogs often stay awhile to wallow as they pass through on their travels within their range. Evidence of the presence of cougars is not unusual. Even a rare and threatened jaguarundi has been sited on the ranch. Being at the junction of the southern and northern bird migrations, the Q5 Ranch is ideally located for bird and butterfly watching. Whether you are sitting on your porch at our beautifully restored rustic yet luxurious 19th century guesthouse or biking, hiking, fishing, or hunting you will see that wildlife is abundant.

Non-hunters are carefully protected from interference of enjoyment of the ranch by hunting, as hunting is restricted to our overnight guests, and we do not rent to hunters and non-hunters simultaneously.

Birds & Butterflies

Thousands of butterflies migrate through the ranch in the winter. All year long butterflies hover above the grasses.

As you walk along the many paths through the ranch, you will be surrounded by red-wing blackbirds, cardinals and white-wing doves. There will almost always be a hawk, osprey or cara cara soaring above. As you approach a pond, you will often scare a great blue heron or egret into flight. Owls haunt the darkness as you sit around the firepit at night. Hummingbirds whiz about the many feeders surrounding your home. Green jays, finches, titmouses, painted buntings, orioles, flycatchers take turns swooping into the feeders out your window and off the porch. On winter evenings, the sky fills with sandhill cranes and geese that settle in the fields across the road. This is just a sampling.

Cara Cara

Sandhill Crane

Crested Titmouse

Birds identified also include:

 American crow
 American kestral
 American wigeon
 Barn swallow
 Belted kingfisher
 Black vulture
 Black-chinned hummingbird
 Black-crested titmouse
 Blue-grey gnatcatcher
 Blue-Winged Teal
 Bobwhite quail
 Brown thrasher
 Buff-bellied hummingbird
 Cara cara
 Common crow
 Common ground dove
 Common nighthawk
 Common snipe
 Cooper's hawk
 Crested caracara
 Eastern bluebird 
 Eastern meadowlark
 Furruginous hawk
 Gold-fronted woodpecker
 Great Horned Owl
 Greater roadrunner
 Greater yellowlegs
 Green jay
 Green-winged teal
 Hairy woodpecker
 Harris' hawk
 House finch
 Ladder-backed woodpecker
 Lesser Scaup
 Loggerhead shrike
 Long-billed thrasher
 Northern cardinal
 Northern harrier
 Northern mockingbird
 Painted Bunting
 Pied-billed grebe
 Red-headed duck
 Red-tailed hawk
 Red-wing blackbird
 Ruby-crowned kinglet
 Swainson's hawk
 Tufted titmouse
 Vermillion flycatcher
 Western kingbird
 Western meadowlark
 White-crowned sparrow
 White-wing dove
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